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Hey, What's Up? I'm Mike.

Are you a first time home buyer?
No Worries! Buying a Home doesn’t need to be scary, and I’m here to help.

I have been a homeowner since 2006. I do not live my life with regrets, but I sure do wish that I knew back then what I know now.
A lot of people could say that for numerous reasons.

Hindsight tends to be 20 / 20. That is the reason why I decided to become a Realtor. I am here to be your hindsight!

For the most of us, buying a house is not only the American Dream, but also the biggest investment you’ll make in your life. As a result, purchasing a house could seem to be an overwhelming task. A lot of paperwork, big numbers and a 30-year commitment are the recipe for intimidation. That is why you need a Realtor in your corner that is knowledgeable, reliable and most importantly, makes your best interest the priority.


I have not only gone through the trials and tribulations on purchasing a house. I am a licensed Realtor and have a great support system at Silva Realty Group. I have worked in the investment industry for 13 years and earned my MBA at UMass Dartmouth. I am comfortable working with large figures and following ethical business procedures. It is my duty to ensure my clients do not second-guess their decisions or experience regret. After all, buying a home is the American Dream, not the American Nightmare.

I’d love you help you navigate the process of home ownership.



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